Announcements for the Week of Sep 29 – Oct 5, 2019

       Breast cancer awareness month

Seekwell Announcements 2019:

Come join us for Bible Study, Wednesday’s 6:30 p.m.

We are studying the book   Autopsy of a Deceased Church., Final Chapter


  • Upcoming October events: Prayer Breakfast …5th   -9:00 am. Rev. Geraldine Oliver, guest speaker (Sign-up sheet in the foyer, Men are welcome)
  • Deacon Emeritus program (for Alvin Clark)…13th -2:00 pm.
  • October Fest…26th Stefani Gantt, chairperson
  • Couple’s Retreat final payment due October.
  • October is also Breast Cancer aware month, and on the 2nd Sunday, we ask all who can, wear pink on that Sunday (Oct.13th) in honor and memory of all those affected.
  • Rally Day (assessment$152 per member) 27th / regular service.  Give money to the captain for your birthday month, or put on envelope
  • Family and Friends Day…27th -2:00 p.m.
  • Birthday list in Foyer also, please add your name if it’s not already on there.

Thanks Seekwell for all you do.

Our motto is; “Seeking the kingdom of God to Enrich the Church, Family and Community, through Relationships, Love, Compassion and Knowledge”


September Birthdays……

Teyla Caldwell…2nd Chris McClurkin.3rd Rev. Sandra Worthy…4th Caitlyn Rish….12th Michael Lyles..14th Michael Lyles…14th, Marcelie Tucker…19th, Rhonda Renwick….19th   Marcus Lyles……21st Khloe Hamilton….21st, Katlyn Clark…25th m Rev. Rayford…26th Kinzley Lyles…27th, Doretha Simpson…28th, Ron Clark, Sr…28th


Continue to pray for all our sick and shut- ins and all families’ in bereavement

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